The IRS and the Fiscal Cliff

As an IRS tax problem attorney I have an interesting take on how a possible government shutdown, at any point in time, could possibly affect collection activities of the IRS.

Hypothetically, all IRS collection activities could stop because IRS employees would be out of work. People with pending IRS payment arrangements could be put through additional stress as well. Billions of dollars could be removed from the economy. Spending for defense would likely drop, which of course could affect millions of jobs.

These are all just conjectures, but the takeaway is that you should always have access to the best answers and solutions possible, especially when it concerns the IRS. Owing the IRS money is a nightmare for many. A qualified and experienced tax attorney can tell you what to expect and offer advice on how to seek payment options and solutions.

For anyone, taxation is an area where there isn’t much room to make a mistake. If the mistake is too large, there may be additional taxes, penalties, and interest fees to deal with. If you’re audited, things can get expensive in a hurry. On top of all of this is the pressure and emotional stress that you might have to deal with. If you don’t have a tax attorney already, your best solution could be to find one.